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Welcome to Seller Support, your first stop for all things seller related. We are continually adding tutorials and guides to help you make the most of all the features that offer you.

Below you will find useful guides covering every aspect of selling with us. If you can’t find the answers here then you can also try our Seller FAQ or our Seller Forum, where both admin and other members will try to help you.

If you still can’t find the answer then you can contact admin through your accounts message center or use our Contact Form.

Setting Up Your Shop

We have made the setup process super easy and have guides ready if you need a helping hand. For all of our information on setting up a shop please click here.


Setting Up Products

Learn how to set up basic products and use the advanced settings to sell custom product types. All other product related info can be found here.

Delivery & Packaging

Learn how to set up your shipping options, plus get access to useful information on shipping and packaging suppliers. Plus green packaging tips.

Seller Support

Guide To Being Social

Our website is all about being social and connecting with those who make the food you eat.  We have a guide and forums dedicated to helping you get the most from our social features.

Seller Support

SEO Tips & Tricks

SEO is very important and each seller needs to be responsible for ensuring that their product pages and shop are optimised. Learn all you need to know right here.


Seller Support

Guide To Photography

Our guides cover the minimum photo requirements, plus the correct sizes to upload and much more, including product photography lessons.